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  • Read/Write huge contents like CLOBs/NCLOBs or big text files

  • Change easily the Look and Feel of your Oracle Forms application

  • Have a more HTML look with your table-blocks

  • Externalize the graphical properties via a CSS file

  • Add brand new functions
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The Look and Feel project is a set of tools that permits decorating an Oracle Forms module by reading the graphical properties from an external CSS file, and also add more than 500 new properties to get/set.

All the decoration information is read from the CSS file and applied at runtime.

The tool is made up of a PL/SQL library (laf.pll), a set of Java Beans and PJCs grouped in a jar file (laf.jar), and a CSS file.

  • The PL/SQL library contains a package of functions and procedures need to decorate both canvases and table-blocks.
  • The jar file contains the beans need to paint over the canvas and overload the standards forms widgets (buttons, check-boxes, radio groups and lists).
  • The CSS file contains all the required tags to apply the graphical properties.
Because the graphical information is read from a given CSS file, it is easy to change the look and feel of the application without modifying the form modules.
With it, you can really externalize the look of the Forms application by separating the functional implementation to the graphical presentation.

This tool does not come from Oracle and is not supported by Oracle.


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